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April 13, 2014
Palm Sunday

First Reading
Isaiah 50:4-9a
Second Reading
Philippians 2:5-11
Matthew 26:1-27:66 or Matthew 27:11-66 or John 12:20-43
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Matthew 21:3 If anyone says anything to you, you shall say, 'The Lord needs them,' and he will send them at once." Did Jesus really need the donkey? If the man had refused to give the donkey would the work of salvation have been derailed? Of course not. But what an honor for the man who owned this donkey and foal! Likewise with us – the Lord needs none of us, but what an honor for God to choose to use our generosity in the work of His Church.

Life Message

“Like the myrrh-bearing women, on their grief-shrouded mission to the tomb, we must bear the weight of earthly sorrow and simply do what love and devotion demand of us. Our hearts break, but in their breaking we discover a path to another world where joy heals the broken heart and love wipes away every tear. We have heard the voice of the angel, greeting us with living words like lightning, ‘He is not here; he is risen. Come, and behold the place.’” James M. Kushiner, executive director, Fellowship of St. James – A “Life Quote” from Lutherans For Life – www.lutheransforlife.org

Sunday School

April 13, 2014: The Passion of Christ

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