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Your Prayers

Lutheran Book of Prayer page 150

Following prayers written by Pastor Vance Becker, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

Leaders in Education
Dear Master, you are the source of all wisdom. You give the church the gift of teachers and leaders. Please give them encouragement and strength for their difficult and essential duties. Fill them with love and understanding of both your word and your people so that they may be effective in sharing your truths for life. Help us always to communicate clearly the message of salvation through you alone. Fill our board members and administrators with zeal and with wisdom so that they may be discerning and effective as they seek to follow your plan for our educational ministry.

Workers in Education
Dear Savior of the world, your truth and grace are always abundant. We will never exhaust the treasures of your word, or fail to be surrounded with those who need to hear it. Thank you for the all teachers of our church, including our professional teachers, Traci, Alice, Carolyn and Linda. Help them to walk in your ways in a way that makes them good examples for others. Continue to give them insight, endurance, patience and your own love for their students. Encourage them by allowing them to see beneficial effects of their work.

Recipients of Education
Gentle Shepherd, you know your own and call them by name; and your lambs hear your voice and follow you. Thank you for the many children, youth and adults who are growing in your truth in classes and study groups. Make spiritual training a powerful influence on their lives. Open the minds and hearts of the students so that they see you as Savior and Lord. May these classes be your hands to reach out to those who do not yet know you well, and to support the faith of all who desire to keep growing in your word. Give more and more of our members a hunger for your truth and wisdom, and lead them to share it with others.

Resources for Education
Dear Lord and giver of all, you have given us many material blessings, including a useful church facility. Thank you for the ways you have provided equipment and materials for our education programs. We confess that the work of providing Christian education programs is sometimes a burden. From your abundance, enrich us with resources for Christian education, which is increase-ingly expensive. Enrich our congregation with supporters eager to provide education opportunities for others. Give us the means to fund education in a way that fits with its true value.

Effectiveness in Education
Faithful master, your word is living and active, and powerful as a double edged sword. Open our hearts with your law and turn us to repentance. Heal us with your gospel and show us your love. Give us insight into the mysteries of salvation, give us understanding of your will and your ways, give us true wisdom, and help us to apply what we know to our daily lives. Help all teachers and students, young and old to remain true disciples, learning more each day from the bottomless well of your word.

Personal Education
Dear Lord of my life, you have shown me your truth so that I may be set free. I confess that I do not always walk in your light or do what I have learned is right. Give me the opportunities and the abilities to continue learning until I am with you where imperfect knowledge passes away. Give me your wisdom and insight as you speak to me through your word and through hose with whom I study. Help me to learn from experience as I put what you have taught me to practice in my life. Then use me as your servant to teach others your ways and to support the ministry of education which you have entrusted to us in your church.

Opportunities for Education
Dear Jesus, no one can come to you unless the Father draws them and no one can understand the things of God except by the work of the Holy Spirit. O Holy Spirit, draw to our educational programs students who are open to the work of your word in their hearts. Immerse them in your truth and in true wisdom. Open our eyes to those who do not yet know your truth and love and help us to find ways to serve their needs. Lead both youth and adults to continually be eager to keep learning more about you and your gifts.

Lutheran Hymns associated with Christian Education
(hymns are either prayers or statements of faith)

Lord, Help Us Ever to Retain
(Lutheran Service Book, # 865)
By: Ludwig Helmbold
Author: As hymnodus sacer
Tune: Herr Jesu Christ, Meins
1st Published in: 1585

Lord, help us ever to retain The Catechism’s doctrine plain As Luther taught the word of truth In simple style to tender youth.

Help us your holy Law to learn, To mourn our sin and from it turn In faith to you and to your Son And Holy spirit, Three n One.

Hear us, dear Father, when we pray For needed help from day to day That as your children we may live, Whom you baptized and so received.

Lord, when we fall or go astray, Absolve and lift us up, we pray; And through the Sacrament increase Our faith till we depart in peace.

Let Children Hear the Mighty Deeds
(Lutheran Service Book, #867)
By: Isaac Watts
Author: Johann Cruger
Tune: Nun Danket All
1st Published in: 1719

Let children hear the mighty deeds Which God performed of old, Which in our younger days we saw, And which our fathers told.

So make to them his glories known, His works of power and grace; And we’ll convey his wonders down Through every rising race.

Our lips shall tell them to our sons, And they again to theirs That generations yet unborn May teach them to their heirs.

To learn that in our god alone Their hope securely stands, That they may never doubt his love But walk in his commands.