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Lutheran Schools Provide a Christian Education

Christian distinctiveness is apparent in Lutheran classrooms in the following ways:

  1. Jesus Christ, Redeemer and Savior, is the center of all teaching, learning and living.
  2. Teachers view all students as redeemed children of God.
  3. Students are urged daily to view themselves, their classmates and their teachers with respect, esteem and dignity.
  4. Teachers help students know and understand themselves, their needs, their talents and their purpose as disciples of Christ within their community, church and their society as a whole.
  5. Lutheran classrooms are communities where children learn to care for and help one another learn, grow and apply what they believe. Appropriate classroom behavior, based on self-discipline is the goal of the caring community. Christian love and forgiveness is operative in all relationships.
  6. Because children grow and mature in different ways, lessons are designed to allow for individual differences and growth patterns. Measurement of performance is based on individual progress and growth, as well as comparison to a grade-appropriate standard of performance.
  7. The curriculum is designed to include not only academic subjects, but all aspects of a comprehensive education. Learning and living Christian values and lifestyles is an important aspect of daily Christian nurture.
  8. Because fathers and mothers are viewed as the child’s primary teachers, classroom teachers intentionally involve them as partners in the teaching/learning process. This involves more than simply reporting to parents the child’s performance and progress.
  9. Lutheran classrooms are distinctive as they provide a Christ-centered environment that:
        a. fosters learning and growth;
        b. encourages appreciation of beauty, the arts and culture;
        c. cultivates habits of cleanliness and orderliness;
        d. creates an awareness and appreciation of God’s daily loving presence.;
        e. fosters fellowship and friendship;
        f. focuses on Christian joy and hope;
        g. conveys Christian goodwill toward all people.
        Luther's Rose

Text from Zion Lutheran School - Alexandria, MN
used with permission