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Choosy Mothers Choose Jesus

Mom Picking Fruit
Are you particular about what your children eat? They would still Grow up if you let them eat pizza, pop and chips every day, wouldn't they? But we are learning more and more about the effects of various ingredients in what we eat. Saturated fats, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc., make a difference in more than just the taste. They can effect you and your child's health, contributing to obesity, high cholesterol, juvenile diabetes, etc.. They can affect learning ability and behavior, contributing to hyperactivity, inability to pay attention, lack of energy, headaches, etc.. Prepared foods are very convenient, but more and more parents are learning to read the ingredients and be alert for sugars, fats, or other "red lights" leading the list. It is unfortunate that healthier foods are often more expensive, but, when the full effects are known, it seems to be worth it. Fortunately, one good thing careful parents can do is prepare food themselves, using fresh ingredients.

Bag of Fruits and Vegetables
So what about the things that are put into your children through their eyes and ears, the things they learn? Does it matter much as long as they learn to read and write, get an education and graduate? Like the food that fuels our bodies, the actual ingredients of the information and education we provide for our children does make a difference both in the short term and the long term. Just as you don't remember every meal you ate, you won't remember every lesson you learn, but all of them still made a difference in how you grew up and lived. The various ingredients in what we learn make a difference in how we feel, what we learn to like, how we behave, how we react to difficulty, etc. This is what motivates Christian parents who chose an education for their children that includes Jesus and his gospel as a primary ingredient. Lutheran parents even realize that it is not just talking about Jesus in one way or another but what is specifically taught concerning the true faith is important.

Is there a cost to Lutheran Education? Certainly, but those who have children grow up on it agree that it is worth it. At the same time, careful Christian parents don't just leave it to the school to train their children. They also make sure that they are feeding the child's faith in healthy ways by what they themselves do at home and as a family.

Be a picky parent. Pay attention to the ingredients, and see how it makes a difference in the life of your children and in your life as well.
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